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Date added: 05/19/2016 Different Types of Diamond Blades

There are various different types of diamond blades designed with a purpose in mind. Once you have determined what kind of job you are going to cut, take a moment to consider these varying types of blades and which will work best for you.

1.Circular Diamond Saw blade

•Uses a rotating toothed blade to cut off the material. Uses high tension to cut ceramic tile, porcelain, marble and slate.

2.Diamond Gang Saw Blade

•Best for tough, hard materials such as tubes, rods, quartz, carbon, plastics and fibreglass.

3.Diamond Band Saw Blade

•The diamond band saw blade uses a very flexible and toothed blade to cut everything from glass to ceramics to pyrex to fibreglass.

4.Segmented Blades

•Segmented blades are the most aggressive cutters when it comes to diamond blades. They are quick and touch, tackling everything from brick and concrete but have a rough finish. They can be appropriate for wet or dry cutting.

5.Turbo Rim Diamond Blade

•Made of durable diamond segments, turbo blades are stronger than continuous rim blades. They are great for masonry materials like brick, block, stone and stucco as well as concrete as they create fast and smooth cuts. They are typically appropriate for both wet and dry cutting.

6.Continuous Rim Diamond Blade

•Ideal for specific, chip-free, clean and fast cutting of materials such as ceramic tile, porcelain, granite and slate. Designed for wet cutting only.

Are you ready to choose the diamond blade that is right for your job? We recommend that first and foremost, you determine exactly what type of material you plan to cut, then research whether the project requires wet or dry cutting and if a shallow or deep cut is necessary. Once you have determined these factors, choose your blade type and pre-cut a test area to ensure suitability. Finally, practice safe sawing by reading the manufacturer guidelines and feel free to contact us at 613-880-7120 to learn more today.