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Alpha Ceramica Edge Pad




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Alpha¬ delivered the first flexible diamond polishing discs called Ceramica Polishing System to the US stone industries that made what seemed to be an impossible task possible. Ceramica was adapted in the monument fabrication shop first to achieve the highest degree of polish with ease that lasts for generations which became the standard. Now introducing Ceramica EDGE, that is a re-formulated version for stone fabricators who produce granite countertops day in and day out. This new all-resin bond polishing system polishes granite edges fast and produces a high-quality polish that matches the edge to the slab surface. The discs are backed with a ñhook & loopî material allowing for quick disc changes and use on popular hand-held wet polishers. The grit sequence of #80, #150, #300, #500, #1000, #2000 and #3000 that can be interchanged with any other Ceramica 3-part polishing system. Choose Ceramica EDGE to save time & money and gain that Competitive EDGE!

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