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5lbs. Alpha Poultice Stain Remover - Organic Based Oil, Coffee, Tea, Food




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Alpha¬ Stain Removers are premixed poultices designed for easy application. Simply mix with water, apply to the stained area and cover with plastic for 24 hours. As the stain remover dries it draws the stain from the stone. Alpha¬ Stain Removers afford an easy solution to common stain problems and can be used on interior as well as exterior applications. Also, Alpha¬ Stain Removers are easily used on horizontal or vertical applications. Professionals and homeowners will love the results they achieve using these stain removers. Alpha Professional Tools¬ removed the difficulty of mixing specific chemicals to obtain the correct poultice for a specific type of stain by pre-mixing specific poultices. Alpha¬ Stain Removers are available in two types. Each type is designed for specific types of stains. It is vital that the stain be properly identified before selecting the type of stain remover. It is also necessary to identify where the stain originated from in order to prevent it from reoccurring. Difficult stains may require more than one application before the stain is successfully removed. Alpha¬ Stain Removers are safe and will not affect the surface of the stone. Alpha¬ General Stain Remover Designed for the removal of most organic based stains, such as, oil, coffee, tea and food stains. Alpha¬ General Stain Remover will remove most common stains with ease. Alpha¬ Rust Stain Remover Designed to remove ferrous oxide (rust) stains caused by iron, copper, bronze or other metals. It is important to remember that iron is sometimes present in most types of natural stones and stains from these natural iron minerals will be difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

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